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250x250_fitbox-photo_32.jpgMiriam Hardwick

"Hi Ginny,

Thought you might like to see these photos from the kitchen I've just finished. Am hoping they will be a good advert for me!"

Photos from Miriam Hardwick showing curtains and blinds for a kitchen she has just finished for a client.

250x250_fitbox-photo_22.jpg  250x250_fitbox-photo_14.jpg

Trudy Taylor's impressive Roman BlindTrudy Taylor

Trudy has sent in this photo of a roman blind she has made for her bay window - the first of 5! Looks very good and is an impressive start.

Trudy is busy with small children and is working away at finishing the rest - many of you will identify with that!

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Jane attended the "Curtain making" courses. She says:

"The material eventual arrived and I just completed my first solo interlined blind.  It took me about 2 days to finish and I have made a couple of errors, such as a third rod would have looked better and also it's a .5 cm to long.  I also didn't take in consideration that the wall come out slightly so if I had made the blind a little wider it would have been a snugger fit.  Even so I enjoyed the experience I have learned a few tips for the next one."

Here are some pictures of her work after the class (click an image to enlarge):

Jane's curtain - 1 Jane's curtain - 2 Jane's curtain - 3

Jane's curtains - 4  Jane's curtains - 5

...and then, spurred on by her success

"One door curtain finished.  Again made the odd error but none to visible."

Jane's door curtain  Jane's door curtain - 2

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KO attended the "Curtain making" and "Roman Blind" courses. She says:

"If you recall I have these huge windows and while on your course, I couldn’t decide whether to go for blinds or curtains. I have done blinds in the kitchen and have finally just finished the curtains in the dining room (see attached) . The curtains are interlined and lined and have a trimming on the edge – 3 window ,each curtain is one and a half widths and they are finished length 3 meters 26!! It has been a marathon.

The 5 days with you have certainly enriched my life and our house!"

Here are some pictures of her work after the class (click an image to enlarge):

Blinds  Curtains

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JK attended the "Curtain making" and the "Roman Blind" courses. She says:

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your great courses and to let you know that I finished all my roman blinds in the house and love them!  I get so many compliments – from friends, visitors and my husband was very impressed too!   Plus the fact it has saved me a fortune in make up costs and I have been able to spend the money on my favourite fabrics, whilst thoroughly enjoying the process of making them up -  so nice to be creative when my day job is office based!    Your way of teaching makes it very easy to pick it up quickly and I’m delighted with the end result,  I’ve surprised myself how professional they look!"

Here are some pictures of her work after the class (click an image to enlarge):

Roman blindRoman blindRoman blindRoman blindRoman blind and cushions

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