About me, Ginny Peace

Soft Furnishing Courses run by me, Ginny Peace


I have always enjoyed sewing, and it is something that I learned from my mother and grandmother.

When I was growing up it was quite usual to make one's own clothes and so we always did just that, with some of my efforts being better than others! But I always enjoyed the process of choosing the style and the fabric, creating something unique that no one else owned. And so when it came to furnishing my first home, it was completely natural that I had a go at making curtains. But I was never that happy with the way they hung at the window, even though I used the best fabric I could afford at the time. It wasn't until I moved here to Cranbrook in 1989, with a much bigger house to decorate that I decided I needed some help. Firstly I couldn't afford to have the curtains made by someone else as there was so much to do and secondly I really wanted to master the secrets of curtain-making as I felt sure there must be a better way to do it. So when the youngest of my three children started playschool I took myself off to my nearest Adult Education centre and signed up for a Soft Furnishing class.

I can still remember the exhilaration I felt that day at learning to do something properly for the first time - no wonder my curtains hadn't ever looked very good! The first thing I learned, which made such perfect sense when you are finally let in on the secret, is that to make curtains you first start with the hems and work upwards. I had always been taught (by my mother who had been taught by my grandmother) that you joined all the widths, "bagged" the lining, sew on the heading tape and then sort out the hems! So much easier to do it the way I was now taught. I was so excited at my new skills that I came home and started to re-make all my existing curtains, and then went on to make new ones everywhere else.

But the most exciting thing of all was to learn that there was a whole new career opportunity waiting for me - that I could work from home making curtains and blinds and earn money doing it.

I had always wanted to be the sort of mother who was able to be around for her children at the end of the school day and in the holidays but the practical reality was that with three children we needed an extra income. I was facing the eternal predicament of so many mothers. However, slowly but surely I started to make curtains and blinds for friends and family, which I was able to do working around the demands of family life. In 2001 I was able to launch Ginny Peace Interiors as by this time my youngest was 13. Doing this put the business on a more professional footing, I had premises and I started to supply fabric, an interior design service as well as a bespoke curtain making service .The rest as they say is history - well, almost! Five years ago I decided to take the business in a different direction and started to run a few courses from my home here in Cranbrook. They became so popular, that I then launched my courses online with a brand new website. I have loved teaching and meeting so many new people, passing on my love of sewing and fabrics. But the thing I love most is helping people to see that they can do what I have done and create a career that works around family life - at any age!

So if you want to come and join me in discovering a whole new range of skills - please take a look at the courses on offer. I look forward to meeting you one day!